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SPS Funds

Retirement Income Security LLC

"Years of evidence in a variety of market environments confirms the wisdom of indexing. And if you do decide to alter your portfolio from market weightings, you can do so with much less risk if your active bets are made around a core portfolio that is broadly indexed."  - Burton G. Malkiel


Stable Plus Shares (SPS) currently offers five options overlay semi-index funds: Stable S&P 500 Plus ETF, Stable S&P 500 Plus ETF, Stable S&P 500 Plus ETF, Portfolio Stabilizer Plus SMA, and Virtual Annuity ETF/SMA.  All five SPS funds comprise two sub-portfolios: an equity portfolio tracking a US stock market index and an option spreads-based tail risk hedge portfolio. The SPS funds differ from other existing options overlay index funds in strategies. We believe the SPS funds are the first-ever options overlay funds to strive to outperform the corresponding benchmark total return index in absolute return, curtail tail risk, and provide monthly income. In contrast, other options overlay funds seek to generate income and/or reduce downside risk.  Therefore, the SPS funds directly compete with the plain vanilla index funds such as SPY, QQQ, and IJR.

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