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Stable Plus Shares

Groundbreaking Option Spread Overlay Semi-Index Funds

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An Innovative Alternative to Traditional Annuities
(with a zero expense ratio*)
* The Fund charges a performance fee with High Water Mark
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SPS Funds

 by Retirement Income Security LLC

Stable Plus Shares (SPS) currently offers three option spread overlay semi-index ETFs, Portfolio Stabilizer Plus SMA, and Virtual Annuity.  All five SPS funds comprise two sub-portfolios: an equity portfolio tracking a US stock market index and an options overlay tail risk hedge portfolio. SPS funds differ from other existing options overlay index funds in strategies. SPS funds are the first-ever options overlay funds to seek to outperform the tracking benchmark total return index in absolute return annually, provide a monthly income stream of 6% a year, and curtail tail risk. In contrast, other options overlay funds seek to generate income or enhance risk-adjusted returns.

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